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Planned Maintenance Notifications

Am I missing something or do Virgin just not care about notifying their customers of upcoming maintenance work ? For the past few weeks something has been going on overnight and occasionally running through into the day around my area and the first I can ever find out is that we have no broadband.

This often just requires a restart, but occasionally has left us down for several hours and it would have been good to have known in advance, particularly where a member of the family needed it for work or school. 

The Virgin service status page is next to useless (and always has been) for any reliable updates, and what is the point of the Virgin Twitter feed when all it contains is football scores and TV or Movie links ? If I want that sort of info, I'll go to the BBC sports pages, or some TV/Film website.

Sort your notifications out Virgin. There's no excuse these days to have a readily available status that shows what maintenance is planned.