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Packet loss with Superhub 2ac


I've been using the Superhub2AC with a 100Mb plan for almost a year now and it's been working *relatively* fine. The modem usually needs to be rebooted once a week but apart from that everything was OK


Since yesterday however, things got more complicated. Could not get any access to Internet.

I've factory reset the Superhub 2ac and tried to use it as a router mode. The wifi was so crappy that I eventually turned the modem mode back on and revert to my previous setup.

I now have a packet losses every couple of minutes, here are a bunch of pings, from a host wired on my router:

Details : my router's IP a wifi device on my LAN the IP address of the superhub 2ac while in modem mode

92.x.x.176: my current WAN IP address

92.x.x.1: current WAN gateway (next hop on virgin network) google's DNS

Screenshot 2016-10-26 09.48.37.png




The cable between the router and the modem is a 1m cat6 cable.

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Re: Packet loss with Superhub 2ac

Hi there matfra,


I am sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your connection.


I can see that my colleague Adam_L is currently investigating this for you via your separate thread.


Many thanks,



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