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Open Letter to Virgin Media: the most expensive broadband in the world - Area 21 (London - Chelsea)

Dear Virgin Media,

I have been a faithful customer since 2011. We have had the same bundle for 6 years, this year (2017) may be our last. Since October this year, we have experienced some slow broadband speeds from a promised 200 Megabites. Over the Christmas and the New Year period, I have repeatedly measured our broadband speed: it is ONE MEGABITE. This make the service not useable. It is impossible to use Iplayer, any streaming app or games. High speeds are advertised on your website for gamers and for streaming.

Yesterday, I called technical support and got through to your India support centre. I got cut off a first time. I call back again and after a 10 minute wait, I got through to another person in India. The person from technical support, told me that the slow broadband speed was due to utilisation in my area. In essence, Virgin Media has not installed enough capacity in my area to deal with everyone being at home ! No compensation was offered either until I asked .... a miserly £5 from a £46 bill. I then got cut off again.

I call again this morning and got through the UK technical support. Alison informed me that there was an issue and this issue has been know since October 2015. Work to resolve the issue would not be completed until 22nd February. She informed be that I would only be compensated with £10 a month as long a phoned every month. Customers would not be notified by email that issue has been resolved, customers would have to phone to find out. The service issue is not displayed in service issue logs when log onto your account either. I got cut off again by your service centre again

Virgin Media, this is not acceptable. It is unfair to charge customers the full monthly bill for broadband for a 1/200th of the service. No court in the land will agree with that and I do not either. Broadband demand is predictable and specially during the festive season. It all comes down abusive market practice and bad management.

Thank you Virgin Media for ruining my Christmas and New Year's entertainment.

I want Virgin Media to:

1. adjust customer's bills to bill the lowest service available or refund them

2.acknowledge the service issue by posting on service status

3. warn new customers that they may never get 200 Meg

4. apologise to customers for not having let them know of the issue and acknowledge the problem



PS if you are customer and wish the same please reply to this post




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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Open Letter to Virgin Media: the most expensive broadband in the world - Area 21 (London - Chelsea)

I wish the same. My service is not a problem and neverhas been. But that VM behave so disreputably is not acceptable.

Seph - ( DEFROCKED - My advice is at your risk)

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Re: Open Letter to Virgin Media: the most expensive broadband in the world - Area 21 (London - Chelsea)

First off I agree with you that Virgin should fix the utilisation faults and not just keep moving the review dates.

With regards compensation  I only have broadband with Virgin and I get about £6 refund per month, now I got this by getting the utilisation fault number via this forum with the help of Virgin staff and my proof that broadband was slow at peak times. Then phoned Virgin and spoke to UK call centre about compensation which they gave me for a six months from the start date of the fault to the review date in dec 2016.

Now the review date was moved in dec to may 2017 and I got a message from a member of the Virgin team on this forum to say I would be getting compensation from dec 2016 to may 2017 with out any prompting from myself, when I checked my account there was the refund already applied to my account.

Been on virgin boardband since it was installed by NTL way back in 2003 and last year was the first time I had any speed related problems.

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Re: Open Letter to Virgin Media: the most expensive broadband in the world - Area 21 (London - Chelsea)


It seems that Virgin have fixed my fault and we have our broadband speed back.

What I have learnt with 1 Meg:

1. I do not need 200 Meg speed and I will be downgrading my package. 100 Meg is ample to serve us.

2. Fight call centres that are based in India. UK call centres only please.

3. Compensation is £12.50 a month, not £6.

4. Always complain, it pays.