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On Virgin 100mb/s broadband, intermittently receiving that but 9/10 it's < 500kb/s


Tried the technical team, who palmed me off to the Upgrades team, who said they knew nothing about it and could do nothing about an upgrade. At this point an upgrade is far less likely than a breach of contract complaint!

We signed up in early September this year; for the most part it's been smooth sailing and good connection. Since several weeks ago we've been receiving poorer and poorer speeds, with the odd day back to normal (50+ mb/s), but virtually every day downloads at less than 500kb/s.

I've tried hard resetting the latest router type (Superhub 3.0?); I've tried changing channels. I've tried resetting my laptop's Wifi info and flushing cache. Other devices are having the same problem on the network.

No matter what I can do from this end, the problem persists. I know it can't be line congestion as we do intermittently get the full speed; to me it sounds as though the router isn't working as planned. Sadly we don't have an ethernet cable to test this theory -- and are waiting for Virgin to ship one.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this promptly? It's really getting in the way of efficient work.

Many thanks,


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Re: On Virgin 100mb/s broadband, intermittently receiving that but 9/10 it's < 500kb/s

Hey Matt,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear that you're getting slow speeds, I know it's frustrating.


I've taken a look at your Hub and I don't see any cause for concern at first look.


Has your Ethernet cable arrived yet? Id not let me know and I'll send you one.


If you have received your cable, how are the speeds with it connected?


Please get back to us so we can continue to investigate.

Take care.


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