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No setup change but severely reduced speed

Hi all,

I've had virgin media with the 200mbps package for nearly a year and apart from a few router issues it's been great. I understand at peaks times speeds are slightly reduced, during those times I would average about 90-100mbps which is fine and then would return to the normal speed.

However the last two weeks it's been quite horrific, for example as of now around 9pm I'm getting 4mbps downspeed and 12 Mbps upspeed. Sometimes for an hour or less the normal speeds will return but those are very rare.

I have been using the virgin media router as a modem, connected to a netgear router. I have factory reset both, tried using the virgin media router alone but nothing seems to be working. Nothing has changed within my setup, so I'm not quite sure what is going on here.

Really appreciate any help you can provide. Smiley Happy
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