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No Internal or External Network



Bit of a strange one this. Since last Friday my connection drops around 6.30pm. The router (superhub ac) stops responding to a ping, won't assign an IP address and asks for a password if trying to connect to wifi. Devices will show the SSID but rejects the password when entered (but should allow devices to auto connect anyway).

A reboot doesn't do anything but leaving it overnight sometimes lets things connect in the morning. As an example it's been working ok all day today with three devices on Ethernet and a dozen on wifi, at 18.45 the router stopped responding, can't get to admin page on or and can't ping it.

The tech team want to send an engineer saying there's congestion in the area but can't get their head around the fact that the router should work internally separate to externally. Apparently if the service is congested then the router can stop working internally too. At a loss as to where to go next to be honest. I suspect an engineer will see it working for a few minutes and not do much. Any ideas gratefully accepted!


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Re: No Internal or External Network

HUBS all have a "modem side" and a "router side."

If there congestion WAN side, it MAY slow operations LAN side but it should be by a fairly insignificant amount. 

What would affect LAN side is if the router was dropping off the WAN network, causing drops or reboots.

Set up a BQM




Run it for say 24 hrs, and post the result.


Dont forget youll need to make sure your super hub is configured to reply to ICMP echo requests...





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Re: No Internal or External Network

Hi cdrider, 

Thanks for the post! Thanks for letting us know that you have no internal or external network. I apologise for any troubles incurred.

I have tested the connection from here and I can't see anything out of the ordinary, no errors or time outs inside the Hubs logs.

Are you still having these issues? If so, please respond to me here a recent copy of your Hubs logs for us to see and compare with the data we have here.

Take care, 



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