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New 'super hub' not so super :(

Sorry, this is not a question, more like a warning and a rant. I need to vent somehow and know it is impossible to get through with any direct complaints to virgin.

I had my hub upgraded a month ago (to 200mbps) and was super excited to try it out, but it appears to have been a very bad idea. I have had nothing but problems with connectivity ever since, called the 'Support team' multiple times, but not gotten anywhere. They are not very skilled, nor do they seem to have the tools to help customers properly. I spent an hour on the phone with an agent last night who promised to call me back today (his 'system' didn't work).

He never called. Then today, I call them and instead of taking my request seriously, they try to feed me the story that something is wrong in my 'post code' area, but then they could not tell me what specific virgin area that was. (mine is 03). He didn't even know what that meant and he completely ignored the fact that the problem has been ongoing. I asked if he could book an engineer instead, which he did. Someone coming in 8 days to hopefully fix it, but don't really have a choice. 

I also don't understand why Virgin pretends to have an online self service model when none of it actually works e.g. every time I have tried to use the self diagnostic service, it has only provided an error message, something along the lines of 'oops, this site doesn't work right now'.

It hasn't worked a single time. Same for the chat function. Why have it if it doesn't actually work ? 

Just makes you look poor in the eyes of the customer.  Such a shame as I used to be a real fan of Virgin. 

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Re: New 'super hub' not so super :(

Hello pknx123,

Thanks for joining the community, great to see new members Smiley Very Happy

Really sorry to hear about the problems you've had since upgrading. I've taken a good look at your connection this afternoon and the only thing I can see wrong is the fault in your area. This fault is responsible for reducing speeds, especially during peak time hours, the fault ref is: F004877063 and it's due for review on the 15th March. I can see an engineer has been booked to attend on the 10th, it'll be interesting to hear back from you after the visit.

Please keep us updated.

Thanks for your patience.


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