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New broadband deal

Hi there. 2/4/17

I've just started a new 12 month broadband/landline contract. I was told I'd be awarded £18 credit & £4 off monthly debit. Now I find in a email that it's only going to last till September, the £4 off a month. I was leaving after an 18 month contract as my contract was broken by the amount of times my monthly debit went up. I was with plusnet & it went up by £2 in 9 years. Virgin had me paying £7 more a month in just over the 18 months contract. I like the speed of Virgin and apart from them continuinally putting prices up they'd be fine.
Plusnet have been in contact again as they know I left to go to another provider.
Looks like if Virgin try that come September, I'll know of course. Then obviously I'll need to go to a company who doesn't keep putting prices up during contracts. With the pitiful excuse, that prices go up. Plusnet don't use that old chestnut. Virgin make the contracts.
Stick to Them.
Thank you,
Les Dalziel.
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Re: New broadband deal

This would probably be better under "Manage Your Account".

Any new contract has a 14 day cooling off period for just such issues. If you are not happy best to call and cancel quickly, otherwise you will be tied in for the period of your contract.
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