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I have a contract for internet , but now i have to move in another house, where is a virgin media broadband. What i should do stop the contract or to change it to someone else's name. Thank you

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Re: Moving

Hi silva97
Welcome to the community and thanks for popping by with your contract query Smiley Happy

If you're in contract with us then you will be liable to pay Early Disconnection Fees for the remainder of the contract terms you have agreed to at the property you are in if you are not taking the services with you to the new home. I appreciate you cannot do this as there is a Virgin Media customer there already.

If you arrange a Transfer of Responsibility for your old account to a new tenant or existing flatmate/friend etc then you would not pay any EDF's for the broadband at your old property.

Regarding the TOR process some points to be aware of. A TOR can be processed if the new customer has:

  • Lived at the address for at least 6 months.
  • The current payments on the account must be up to date.
  • Documents will be issued within 48 hours of a TOR request
  • The forms need to be completed in full and returned within 14 days.
  • The original account holder will remain responsible for the account until the transfer has been completed.
  • A new 12 month mandatory contract will begin on completion of the transfer for the new customer.
  • The 14 day right to cancel option is not valid for Transfer of Responsibility requests, and is to be disregarded.
  • The Transfer can take up to 31 days from receipt of the completed forms, and that the new account holder will be notified in writing on completion of the transfer.
  • There is a one off charge to cover the cost incurred by Virgin Media in actioning such a request  of £20.00

Keep us posted if you need anything else!

Forum Team

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