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Moved house WiFi gone to pot.

As subject, moved house yesterday due to ill-health from a maisonette flat to a mid terrace with fewer local WiFi connections nearby. Both properties are of very, very similar proportions and layout the only difference being in the the old maisonette even though I was connected upstairs by Ethernet and downstairs had a great WiFi connection, now with the new install downstairs and upgrade to Hub 3.0, downstairs has great Wifi (85Mbit from an old laptop), but upstairs is around 20Mbit at best (wee hour tested for best possible uncontested connection - all doors open) or less on a 100Mbit line. Tried switching channels etc., but with little improvement, upload is still typically at the 6Mbit as you might expect though.

To clarify, distance by air is less than 12m from Hub to adapter, I was assured due to the new mixed mode that with Hub 3.0 a 30m gap would allow 60Mbit easily.

Ugh, just retested with one door closed, now at 7.2 Mbit. Feels like I've gone back ten+ years to the old Motorola.

The dilemma is taking a punt on adding different hardware or seeing about a reinstall of the Hub and going back to Ethernet. Advice very much welcome. Thanks Smiley Happy

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Re: Moved house WiFi gone to pot.

Hey NewOldUser,

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with wireless connection, I know this can be frustrating. Before we look into different ways of achieving a better wireless performance, can you confirm that you're getting a consistently high speed when you're connected with an Ethernet cable?

We might need to look into things like wireless repeaters and range extenders.

Catch you soon,

Take care.  


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Re: Moved house WiFi gone to pot.

i think you have answered Heathers question but your post is not 100% clear - i read it as you are getting 85meg wired on an old laptop - thats looks ok as i guess as you mention 6meg up so you are 100meg down

similar layout you say but with wifi thats not the key - where is the new hub placed relative to the old one - what are the walls made of in the new property - how thick are they whats the floor material and a few other questions

the old setup had gone - it worked but things have changed - what you are getting may be as good as it gets - you have tried different channels so thats about it - the hub 3 is ok but concentrate on the ok bit - its certainly not great

options -

powerline adaptors via the mains - may or may not be good in an old property with old wiring

lan cable to upstairs and add an access point - if you kept your old SH you could use that on a temp or permanent basis

hub3 into modem mode and add a good wifi router - how much and which one is up to you - the asus range gets well spoken of on here