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Mobile phones connect to Hub 3.0 but no Internet

So me and my housemates have a huge problem with connecting to the internet with our phones. Ill explain the situation as best I can.

So we had Virgin Fibre installed in September 2016 with the Hub 3.0. Everything was fine for the first few months but in January we started to notice that our phones were no longer connecting to the internet. The phones were connecting to the Hub no problem (showing that we had wifi using the symbol) but when you attempt to connect to a web page using the phones the message "the server stopped responding" appears. The weird thing about this situation is it was just our phones that were having this issue, all further devices (such as laptops and xbox's) wired or wireless, could connect to the Hub fine and connect to the internet.

We have a secondary router that is connected to the Hub (Belkin) to extend the Wifi (it is not a WiFi extender, its a router in its own right). For the most part, everyones phone would connect to the internet through this router fine, so we were all having to use this. But because the house is quite large, it is no practical to be connected to the second router at all times.

I have spoken to the Virgin technical team over the phone roughly 4-5 times at this point, all with them saying it would be fixed with the changes they have made to the router (changing the channel and frequency etc.). I knew none of these changes would fix the issue as I wasn't experiencing an issue with connecting to the router, rather communicating with the internet through the router, but I thought I would at least be patient and follow along. 

Having waited weeks for a solution, finally someone at virgin agreed with me that doing these things wouldn't help the issue and arranged for a replacement router to be sent out (as the issues sounded like hardware). 

I received the replacement router and set it all up, which caused further problems (as the new router got stuck updating and we had to wait 3 days for Virgin to sort it out without any internet access at all, but thats a different story that shouldn't relate to this issue).

So they finally fixed it, and we had working internet on all of our devices for a whole 2 days before, you guessed it, all of our mobile phones stopped connecting to the internet. Exactly the same issue as before, but this time we cant even access the internet through the second router, so no internet access on our phones at all now!

So please, if anyone has any idea of any solution that can be used to fixed this issue I, and all my housemates, would be eternally grateful as for the past month we pretty much haven't had any internet access on our phones.

I would ring the Technical team again, but I don't think i have the strength for one of them to change the Hub's channel and tell me it will be fixed when I know 100% it will not be fixed.


P.s Myself and my housemates all have iPhones (iOS) but it is not an iOS issue as partners have Android devices and they experience the same issue. 

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Re: Mobile phones connect to Hub but no Internet

Hello BurgerVanDan,

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

I'm really sorry to hear about your frustrating connection problems. My first move if it were I in this situation would be to perform a full factory reset of all the equipment, Hub, routers and extenders / repeaters and then 'forget' the networks off your iPhones. By doing this we're starting with a blank canvass and can then configure the network to your preferences like changing the wireless network name and password.

Would you please try this and get back to us with your results.

Take care.


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