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Macbook Pro on and off with Virgin Media Wifi

I've been having a problem for ages now since I got my macbook seems to be dropping and picking up the wifi whenever i'm using it. 

I'm constantly connected to it with full bar connection (even furthest from it in my house) but when i'm trying to reach a site it often hangs and spins for ages like this

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 00.17.29.png

and then it connects but it will drop again in the next minute. Watching the connection screen it jumps between these:

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 00.29.32.png  Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 00.16.26.png

You can see it jumping between being connected and not connected. 
[As a side note I own an apple iphone and an ipad which both work fine on the virgin media internet - no hanging. In my house when i'm at home my dad has a smart tv running on the wifi - completely fine - and my parents own an ipad which also works fine whenever they use it. Whenever my friends or brother visit they are connected and never have the problem either. It all works fine when we are all using it. Other laptops we own and use only occasionally connect no problem.
Furthermore when ever I go back to my student halls or my university my macbook works fine on all wifi spots (The Cloud, Studentcom..basically any other than virgin media) without a hanging connection - my macbook is fairly brand new so it is not the problem of the macbook. 

It only happens to the macbook pro when it is connected to the virgin media wifi. 

Is this a specific problem between the apple macbook and virgin media? is there a way to solve it (other than using an ethernet cable/thunderbolt port whatever) or is the problem just something to deal with? Would appreciate help (or virgin giving apple a call and sorting it out or vice versa) as it is annoying. 

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Re: Macbook Pro on and off with Virgin Media Wifi

There is a rather lengthy thread on the issue here.

In brief it seamed to be an Apple problem and upgrading the OS to Sierra seemed to resolve the issue for most users.

However, if you are currently running Sierra then the problem would seem to be elsewhere. If this is the case this website may be of interest.

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Re: Macbook Pro on and off with Virgin Media Wifi


It sounds like you have the exact issue I have, posted here last week:

I have been running the hub on 'modem mode' with a separate wireless router and the problem has completely gone away. I can only assume there's something wrong between the hub and the MacBook. Given that the MacBook is working well with another wireless router I want to place the blame on Virgin / Netgear....

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