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Last 3 Days Loosing Internet Connection Intermittently, Virgin Say All Is Ok & Will Not Do Anything Mor

As above for the last three days I am loosing connection intermittently. At first because it was on the xbox I thought it was an Xbox/Gaming problem so after 7 hours on the phone with Microsoft & EA they did all the trouble shooting, then told me to open ports which for me on the xbox I have never had to do previously, they asked me to run a trace report on the computer which showed 5-6 unknow hosts between the two virgin connections which they said could be the problem. After doing everything they said it looks like an internet problem and the last test to prove this would be to use my account on another xbox, they got two managers authority to log in and it worked fine with no loss of connection.

So I first noticed it on the xbox, kept loosing online connection in games and to xbox live and reconnecting or having to reconnect then it would loose it again 2-5mins later. Then I noticed I am intermittently loosing connection on my phone and laptop.

So I rung virgin for the 3rd time yesterday, he said I will reset power/frequency levels and also it looks like an engineer will be sent to work in your area within the next 3 days (he didnt sound certain of this on the phone) told me to test it 24 hours later and call back of it did not work.

I just called back now and explained everything for the forth time and firstly the person asked for our password which we have never had one and every time we say that on the phone they then proceed to do tests/try to help but no after 3 years of constantly calling virgin with no password (which we have never had) this guy would not proceed without one even though I explained its never been a problem.

After going through all that he told me to go into the router and do a factory reset, then we proceeded to do a broadband speedtest (note all other speed tests over the years and before the factory reset we have had high 40s/early 50s download speed). The 5g test came back 35mb, asked me to do again 32mb, asked me to check 2g (which only one device is connected to and we should not have to use) this now showed 42mb, he asked me to try the 5g again and now showed 30mb. He also said while we was doing this there are no engineers due in your area like the guy told me yesterday!!

So I said where do we go from here then? An engineer to my home? He said no because everything is showing fine his end there is nothing they can do! (Never once heard this from Virgin before on previous issues!!!) so I said I am just supposed to put up with this then of constantly loosing connection and cannot play any games online too? He said I am sorry there is nothing else we can do! I said how do I make a complaint & he said if I do one on the phone I wouldnt get a reply and the best thing to do would be write in or email and wait upto 28days!!

Honestly this is the first time in years of being with Virgin I have had any problems that last more than 24 hours and they would do everything to sort it!! They just expect me to put up with constant loss of connection which has been nearly 4 days now!!! No company would do this!! And its 100% obvious is an internet issue!!
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Re: Last 3 Days Loosing Internet Connection Intermittently, Virgin Say All Is Ok & Will Not Do An...

Hi Phil_t


Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear of the problems you've been experiencing with intermittent connection when your playing online.


You've mentioned that these problems occur over wireless connection. How are things when you are connected over ethernet? 


I've tried to run some tests but I'm having some issues getting information from your hub. Could you post the hub's power levels and network log for us to have a look at? (go to, don't log in, router status in top right corner)


Are you also able to post the trace route for us? 


Speak soon,


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