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LAN / External access to Network


Hopefully someone can help  me figure out what is going on with my network setup at home. 

I am TRYING! to run a Freelancer Discovery Server from home. (this needs IPV6 Disabling).

a week ago i was trying to solve this but my hub died so i had to be sent a new one. (it stopped serving internet to wifi connected devices) 

When i am using the Virgin media hub 2.5 in router mode i cannot find my game server on the LAN. But appears within the games Internet option. BUT i still cannot connect the game reports ???? as a ping. 

If i place my Hub into Modem mode and use my spare Netgear Router i can find my server, it shows a ping, allows external access and via the LAN i can connect. (no setup was needed). 

i dont like this solution as it limits my network down to 100mb (it should be 1gb) also the wireless range is weaker.

I have tried the following when using the Virgin meida hub in router mode but no success 

Placing PC with Server into the DMZ

Allowed for port forwarding for the machine in question

Removed the Hubs Firewall 

I've been onto the support with no help (other than the new hub)

Any suggestions of a fix would be perfect




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