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Keep getting kicked mid-game on Xbox 1

Really getting fed up of this , had the problem for about 2 years now. I have a super hub 2. Whenever I play the majority of my games I always get kicked off Xbox live for a second then reconnect but that's still no good as I have been kicked from the game and my party. Some days I will be able to play my games fine then most days this happens. Its definitely not the Xbox as I stayed at my friends house for a few days and it worked fine.

Can anyone please help , really can't put up with paying £ 50 a month for broadband and having a Xbox that cost 350 sitting about doing nothing
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Re: Keep getting kicked mid-game on Xbox 1

set your xbox to a static ip. log into the sh2 interface and set your xbox's static i.p. in the dmz server. This will allow your xbox to bypass the firewall. Search on google for this....

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