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Keep getting disconnected from wifi

Hi I have recently joined virgin media but I am always getting disconnected from the WiFi for about 30 seconds at a time. Could any one tell me why this could be. Thankyou in advance x
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Re: Keep getting disconnected from wifi

I am assuming perhaps wrongly that you have the new Superhub 3.0 which seems to be giving everyone a headache at the present time!!!

Switch off 5ghz and see if it calms down!

Switch off Guest network and WPS.

If it still doesnt work try disabling security just until you can test it.

There is something up with the Superhub 3.0 in many ways - It doesnt seem to work with my Chromcast v1.0 either!

Security isnt as good as the SUperhub 2.0.

Ive only had it 3 days and I think i will be returning to the Superhub 2.0 until they get the firmware right!

Once again Virgin release another piece of hardware with poorly tested firmware!


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Re: Keep getting disconnected from wifi

Hey there Dearestjana,


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear that your wireless connection is under performing, this can be frustrating. Often you can improve your wireless performance by changing the operating wireless channel. We have a really helpful article- Changing the Virgin Media router's wireless channel / frequency that will show you how to log into your Hub and make the changes.


Could you please have a go and let me know if this helps.


Take care.


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