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Is virgin blocking ports now ?

I've put up a webserver inside my superhub, I had it working for a few months but in the last few months its stopped working.

I have https and rdp port forwarding turned on and have configured a domain name for it.

When I visit from my own computer, it works great

When I visit from anywhere else in the world, it doesn't work. Page cannot be displayed.

Its the same issue with RDP, it works from my computer but not from anywhere else in the world

What could be causing this?


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Re: Is virgin blocking ports now ?

Hey there plq,

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about this difficult fault, I will admit I don't out rightly know the fault but I'd like to investigate further.

So previously when this was working fine, had you had to set-up port forwarding rules? If so, are these still in place? It might be worth factory resetting your Superhub and then restoring it from a back up and see if that helps.

I'll also leave this post open for other members of the community to add their advice.

Thanks again for posting,

Take care.


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