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Is this normal?


I signed up for Virgin Media on 7 June 2017. I was told my installation will happen after two weeks. After two weeks it was postponed for another two weeks. Then another two weeks. Then it was postponed for a month! The installation was meant to be the morning of 12 August. I received a phone call at 7pm 11 August. Telling me installation has to be postponed another two weeks (25 August, more than two and a half months after my order date).

This is absolutely ridiculous. I have never received such poor service from any company, ever. Every single time I am told "this will be the last time". And every time this turns out to be a lie.

Is this how Virgin operates? Lying to customers and never putting in any effort to get issues resolved sooner. Refusing to pay any of their staff a little overtime to get issues resolved, leaving their customers months without any internet, because I was stupid enough to believe Virgin and not arrange internet with a different provider.

My Virgin Media experience to date has been absolutely disgusting and has lowered our opinion of the entire Virgin brand.

If the experience is this poor trying to sign up with Virgin, how awful is Virgin when you are actually a customer?

Where can a person make a proper complaint? Most of the call centre people really just don't care. One even telling me to cancel my application.
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