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Is my PC being blocked?

I am failry useful around PC's but this is irritating me - every few days my Win 7 PC will not connect to the internet, the problem is resolved with the usual turn it off/back on. 

My PC  is hardwired on my LAN to a virgin superhub 2 via a patch panel, then a switch and then the superhub. during the times I loose internet I can still remote access my home server and other devices such as iPad/smart TV/laptop etc etc can all access the internet via wifi and LAN.

If I switch on the wifi on the PC that has lost connection it shows data being sent/received but cannot connect to view web pages on a variety of browsers.

Using command prompt I can ping web sites with no problem.

I have run  a variety of scans for malware\viruses\bots etc including boot scans - nothing showed.

I have checked the NIC drivers and uninstalled/reinstalled them, I have traced and tested network cabling, swapped network switch and bypassed the patch panel with a direct cable - nada.

There is no MAC/IP filtering in place on the superhub 2.

During the times of internet loss the PC does not indicate loss of network, just loses access to internet based stuff like drop box and one drive connectivity and no web site access.

If I unplug the network cable from the network switch and plug directly into the superhub 2 I am unable to access my server although if I leave it plugged into the network switch I am able to access it - during normal internet access I am able to access my server if the PC is plugged directly into the superhub 2.

My thoughts are that this is pointing to either a problem with the superhub 2 or the PC being blocked access to the WAN beyond the superhub?

Any thoughts welcome on my irritating conundrum 

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