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Is it worth asking for an upgrade from superhub 1?

I have had a superhub 1 for a few years now, it is in modem mode with an d-link router. Recently the wireless in the house has began to drop in an out and I was wondering if it would be worth ditching the superhub 1 and go for a 3.

Ideally I would like to ditch the router as well as isn't the superhub supposed to do both?  I'm looking to declutter on wires and plugs used, so getting rid of the d-link would do that. I have 3 kids who are gaming online frequently via wifi and I was wondering if the superhub 3 is up to the job of being a hub and router as it is supposed to do or if the 3 has gone down the same route of 1 and 2 and not really living up to expectations.

I think the dlink I have is a basic earlier model of 'D-Link Wireless N Access Point DAP-1360'.  I'm not very technical so do not touch ports or any settings with either superhub or router and am after an easy life, but I have checked the channels and switched on to the least busiest.

So, is it worth asking for an upgrade?  If so, is it free?

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Re: Is it worth asking for an upgrade from superhub 1?

It should be demanded from VM. The SH1 is the crappiest fail ever put out by any ISP, imo. Except in modem mode where it behaves just fine.

But it is not compatible with VM's fastest service (currently 300Meg).

The VM bods take a week or so to get top a thread and it is highly likely they'll swap it out (free) for a Hub 3.

Hub 3 WiFi is orders of magnitude better than the SH1; but that doesn't mean they'll get good WiFi through walls and floors. I strongly recommend that you buy WiFi Powerline adapters and install them in parts of the house that might get weak WiFi; the "master" adapter is connected by Ethernet to the Hub 3.

As with all VM Gateway devices, the router functionality is poor; a lot of things you can do in a standalone router arte suppressed in all the hubs. You might want to think about this if you need parental controls and the like.

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Re: Is it worth asking for an upgrade from superhub 1?

As you have it in modem mode theirs not much point the hub 3 may help with more speed at peak times but it has its problems with Latency and out of all the super hubs/hub the SH1 in modem mode has the best Latency (when/if proven under controlled test) my guess.

When or if the hub 3 will be fixed then maybe its time to upgrade or next hub which ever happens first.

If your looking to go more then 100Mb then you need a new hub.

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Re: Is it worth asking for an upgrade from superhub 1?

I believe the SH1 is one of the devices alongside the legacy SACMs being replaced with Hub 3.0 over time so will be forced to upgrade at some point. Plus the Broadcom DOCSIS chipset is not vary good in it. All other VM Hubs use the Intel Puma DOCSIS Chipset.

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