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Is it Frustrating?

Is it frustrating when all wireless devices fail to have a reliable connection to your router?

Is it frustrating when you have to "online chat" with someone that doesn't know what they are doing?

Is it frustrating when you have a repeating issue?

Is it frustrating I keep saying frustrating?  I shall continue

Is it frustrating the engineer says the problem is your signal is too strong but it could also be damage to the cable in your front garden that has only been damaged because your buried it less than 1mm below the surface or possible the crappy plastic box that has a cover that fails to clip on?

Is it frustrating the engineer fit a signal reducing flux capacitor in my flower bed?

Is it frustrating the engineer doesn't fix the cable?

Is it frustrating this doesn't solve the problem?

Is it frustrating I'm still giving you money,  money you keep changing the value of to receive a service that I'm blatantly not happy with?

Is it frustrating I'm on your "online chat" yet again to another person who "knows" the problem is my wireless settings so she will now adjust them and as if I ....... a gold bar all we be fine?

Is it frustrating I'm still going on,  going on just like the poor service Im receiving?

Is it frustrating Im now fed up with your online chat so I decide to give up and actually speak to someone,  to be told the waiting time is three minutes (16 minutes later) you cut me off without even speaking to anyone?

Believe it or not I am now frustrated.

Is it frustrating that a single person can have an impact on such a large company whilst sat on their ass simply using the internet... through their phones hotspot connection not the wireless service they are paying for?  You tell me!!!!!





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