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Can't get internet in my back bedroom also bad connection while on ps4 & Xbox 360 & Xbox one when it does connect it is very laggy/jumpy & often freezes

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Re: Internet

I'm guessing you are talking about a wireless connection, yes?

Wireless is easily disrupted by a number of external factors (Thickness of walls, mirrors, fish tanks, cordless phones, baby monitors, microwave ovens, a neighbour's wireless router, etc.) so it is not something VM can control or guarantee, no ISP can.  The VM hubs, like all free ISP routers, are basic devices that for some people are fine but for others not so much.  The only thing VM will suggest is trying different wireless channels, they have a guide here.

There is also a sticky post at the top of this board with good advice:

One option might be powerline adapters.  These use the electrical wiring in your house to create a wired network without the need for long cables.  They are rarely as fast as the manufacturer's claim but are a lot more stable and less prone to interference than wireless.  Some provide just wired connections (ideal for consoles) and others come with additional wireless built in to allow you to create a wireless access point in parts of the house where the wireless signal is poor.   Some powerline adapter reviews here:

Another option to improve your wireless is with a third party router.  It is what I and many other customers do and it can make a huge difference.


Disclaimer - I don't work for Virgin Media. I'm just another VM user trying to help out so my answers may be wrong Smiley Happy If my answer solves your problem please mark it as helpful as it may help others
My setup: Vivid 200 Optical fibre with Superhub 2 in modem mode connected to a Netgear R7000 router. Telewest/VM user since 2001.