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Internet dropping and slower speeds

I seem to be getting the same issue alot of people on here have been getting, where my internet will drop out multiple times a day for anywhere ranging from 2 minutes up to an hour.

Ive had an engineer to my house to rectify the issue and he said that my upstream power level was just over the acceptable limit, was sitting at around 51-52 dBmV, its now at 47.3. Also after the fix my downstream is now higher 3.5 - 6 dBmV across all the channels, it was at about -2.5 to 2, and now i have lost 30-40% of my internet speeds as a result. Im on vivid 100 and was hitting that all the time (when it wasnt out) and now during the day on wifi i will get 60 Mbps and the most i have seen is 72ish Mbps but at like 2am.

Im also still getting disconnected, all be it very rarely now, with t3 time outs which was the issue before.

My main question for here though is, do power levels effect the internet speeds? as a 40% loss after a "fix" is not really acceptable after i have been getting 100 Mbps very consistently.

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Re: Internet dropping and slower speeds

Hi akenosteel, 

Thanks for getting in touch to let us know about your issues with your internet dropping and slow speeds, I apologise for any troubles incurred, I will do my very best to help get this sorted for you.

I have tested things from here and I can see that your Hubs logs show a number of T3 time outs inside, this will explain the drops in connection.

I would like to arrange for an engineer to attend and investigate this further for you. I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required to proceed with making the booking.

Please respond to me there and I'll get this sorted for you.

Take care, 



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