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Internet Constantly Disconnecting

Good evening,

Since Wednesday the 25th my internet has been completely cutting out at random times for random periods:

-It can happen at any time during the day or night regardless of whether it's peak or not.

-It can be down for as short as a minute or as long as a couple of hours.

-It's definitely the internet itself because I lose access to browsing across all my devices.

-I do not use wireless internet.

-I've made no changes whatsoever to my setup or usage habits for a very long time.

-I've done the usual schpeel of resetting the router, checking physical connections, etc.

I've been with yourselves for decades and am not going to tolerate being stalled as is the usual tactic.  I tried calling for help and while the woman was very polite and understanding, the ultimate resolution of an hour phone call was 'try calling back while the issue is happening' because no problems are showing up on your end.  If that's the only solution, how do you suggest anything is fixed if the internet comes back up before the wait time on the phone is over?

My livelihood depends on a stable internet connection, something that was guaranteed to me years back when I upgraded.  Since then there have been multiple instances of that simply not being true and I'm far from impressed.

With all due respect, right now I'm paying a premium for an unreliable service and I demand satisfaction.  I will not allow half a week to become several months as is the standard with your service faults.

What is going to be done to identify the issue?  When will it be resolved?


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Re: Internet Constantly Disconnecting

Hi Aazzdos, 

Thanks for getting in touch to let us know about your issues with your broadband connection disconnecting constantly, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I've tested things from here and I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, no errors or time outs inside the Hubs logs and all of your power levels are within the preferred ranges.

Are you still having these issues? If so, when the connection drops what does the Hubs light sequence indicate?

Also, please include a recent copy of your Hubs logs for me to compare with the data we have here. You can find these by opening your internet browser, type into the address bar, before logging in it will say 'Router Status' in the top right corner, click there and all the information needed is inside.

I look forward to hearing from you, 



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