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Intermittent internet/wifi connection

Hi all,

Having some issues with my Superhub 3 tonight, Internet connection is randomly dropping out for significant periods of time, coming back for 30 seconds and then it seems the whole wifi connection comes down...

As soon as I try to connect a second device it will try to connect, fail, and then the wifi connection from the Hub on all devices dies completely and the Hub restarts itself...

Not really sure what's going on here, it has persisted after a complete reset, seems like a mix of WiFi / Connection issues. If someone could take a look or suggest anything it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I am aware of the High Utilisation fault in my area at peak times but I don't think that is the problem here because this happened at around midnight when it's usually all good.
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Forum Team
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Re: Intermittent internet/wifi connection

Hi xBenHx, 


Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to see that you have been having trouble with your connection. 


I have taken a look and it seems as mentioned that you are affected by fault ref F003918351 for slow speeds at peak times. The current review date is 28 JUN 2017. 


Please give this thread a bump closer to the time and we will get an update for you. 


It could be related to the fault as looking at the usage during the time you advise of there is still a high amount of traffic in your area at this time. 


It may be worth trying Getting the best WiFi Signal, let us know how you get on. 


All the best



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Re: Intermittent internet/wifi connection

Not sure why "slow speeds at peak times" should cause your Shub to reboot on a regular basis, nor why it would prevent a second device connecting to your wifi? Have you checked your Shub logs?
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