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Intermittent Internet Loss

The router has needed periodic reboots to restore internet connectivity. Rebooting typically fixes it but it happens more frequent than desired and wonder if we can do something to improve its stability.

I've logged into the router's admin interface to see if there's anything obvious in the network & firewall logs. I have attached 4 screenshots of the latest logs, router software versions and up/down stream channel details for reference. Screenshots taken today.

The router needed rebooting last night around 9:13pm. In the network log, after each reboot you'll see the log entry "DHCP WAN IP - ###########" followed by "Downstream Locked Successfully". You'll notice the errors "SYNC Timing..." and "Lost MDD timeout" errors (84000500 & 84020200 respectively) occurred around 14:35 and didn't seem to rectify itself until we rebooted after 9pm.

According to the firewall log, there were no "denial of service" type issues reported (ICMP flood) on Saturday that might have contributed to the hangup.

This seems to happen maybe once or twice a week and wonder if Virgin can help resolve with tests their side based on the screenshot info? The router's power button is temperamental too and if the unit is still under warranty perhaps it might be worth swapping out which might also address a firmware upgrade in the process?


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Re: Intermittent Internet Loss

Hi APotter, 


Thanks for posting! I am sorry to learn that you've been having issues with your broadband intermittently losing connection, I apologise for any troubles.


I have tested things from here and I can see that your connection looks great, no errors or time outs inside the Hubs logs and all of the power levels are within the preferred ranges.


Are you still having these issues? If so, could you please post a recent copy of your Hubs logs here for me to compare with the data we have here.


Does it drop all connections, wired and wireless?


Also, is there any noticeable change to the Hubs light sequence when the connection drops?


Take care, 



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