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Intermittent Connection - T4 Errors

Noticed first thing this morning an intermittent connection. Checked the logs and they were flooded with T4 errors and frequent disconnects which started about 4am this morning. I could also see the hub tried to download a software update file but failed.

I think that’s coincidental – since I called VM this morning and they checked to say there is an issue in the area, but, wait for it… said this could be may not be fixed till June!? They said this was reported about 2 weeks ago, but I have not noticed anything until just now (today).

I’ve attached a screenshot of my logs. Could a member of the Virgin Media team please help take a look and advise. I rely on my connection – as do most here – and are not happy at all with the issue. I cannot have it intermittently disconnect, it makes a paranoid user experience. If an admin is able to take a look what is going on in my area and shed any more light that would be gratefully received and appreciated.

Thank you


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