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In answer to all the good help and advice with my VOIP & superhub 2ac

First I would like to thank everyone for your help and advice and links on this.

I was trying to do so earlier but the broadband went down for a while, and I then got cought up in something else.

I am working through all the posts that have been sent me, and sorry I did not reply personally to each one.

Just to add to the mix, I took my android tablet to Tesco for they have free WIFI, and the VOIP  worked 100%.....I know most, if not all, posts do centre on the hub 2 being the problem but sometimes it is reasuring to actually see it is.....I did tell this to Virgin media fault reporting/technical dept,  but all they could say was go to the setup page in the hub, where the 3 'pass through' items sit and make sure all are ticked...or join some gaget repair place for a small fee.

Well I am pretty sure some of the links you have given me have contained this information and I have tried it already, but I will once more do all the things again, then  I'll get back to them.

Does anyone know if the super hub 3 would get round my problem, all VM  could say was setting are different.

Well I suppose I have gone on a bit too much, so I will say thanks again, and now will continue retrying using the information posted here.


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