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Improve your resilience or lose customers

Having only recently moved back to the UK, I'm fairly new to Virgin Media, but in the month and a half that I've had the service, the resilience of the broadband is nothing short of shocking. The loss of service on a near daily basis can be anything from 15 minutes to 16 hours. Calls put in to the helpdesk identify no real issues, therefore I surmise that your network management system isn't up to scratch. They did offer that a service engineer who would be able to come round an identify and resolve the issue, but the earliest would be in 12 days. Had the system been off for that length of time I would certainly have cancelled it.

Having worked both as a telecomms engineer, project and programme manager in critical systems since the 80's, I should advise you that you really need to review your hardware and software systems on your mpls distribution network to make your entire network far more resilient than it currently is, or you will undoubtedly hemorrhage hard-earned customers to rival and hopefully more resilient networks. 

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