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IP address changed.

As a residential broadband customer, i use my broadband for a number of things, chiefly of those is serving my personal files and services as well as receiving emails and logs on my home server, i was aware virgin media were using dynamic sticky IP addresses but to my annoyance for whatever reason my IP seems to have changed, it doesn't do this often but due to the nature of the data being transmitted and received over my IP it is sort of critical that i have a static IP, this is a residential address though so i am not going down the path of changing to business broadband, plus business broadband does not have the downlink connection speeds that residential broadband has,  is there a way to configure the router to never change WAN IP, can this be requested from virgin media, if not is there any plan to allow this in future.  

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Re: IP address changed.

More information on this subject  (and an official response) on this thread in the archives. 

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