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I cannot see any devices connected to my router

I think I have the Hub2 and I have DHCP setup on my hub; and on no other network switching device; and most of the devices in my house don't have a fixed ip; and they all work, but when I look into the 'Connected Devices' section of the hub portal I see no connected devices; wifi or wired (of which I have both). Also if I go to 'advanced settings' and 'DHCP Reservations'; again I see no attached device.

I believe my DHCP must be working because most of the devices I have checked have an ip in the range in which I have set plus I have manually added a reserve ip for a device (using the mac address) and this device always gets given this ip.

Does anyone know what might be wrong?


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Re: I cannot see any devices connected to my router

When I try via the SH GUI I see 5 connected devices.

When I try using the Fing App I see 17 connected devices including firesticks, printers, nas, access points etc.

So just another SH "feature".

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