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Hub 3.0 - worth installing?


I've just received the Hub 3.0 in the post, and I'm a current SuperHub2 user. I called Virgin to say that the wifi signal in the house was very intermittent and internet speeds were poor considering I'm meant to be on the fastest available (not much better via ethernet). They sent me the Hub 3.0 to resolve the issue

I've now read everywhere (including here) that the SH2 is better than the Hub 3.0. I just want to connect to the internet, get a decent wifi signal and the fastest speeds possible (allowing for slow times of the day etc). My lads play on the PS4 now and then.

Is it worth installing the new Hub 3.0 or just leave in the box and keep the SH2 and just face facts that wifi and internet will never be anything like advertised. I'm a simple out of the box user and will never adjust the settings or even know how. Will I even notice the difference and if not, then I might as put the new Hub in place?

The Hub is downstairs by the telly and most wifi useage is upstairs obviously. I know that doesn't help

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Re: Hub 3.0 - worth installing?

you could try and it and if isn't any good switch back, would just involve a callback to broadband/activation team
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