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Hub 3.0 not listing the Win10 pc I'm seeing it from

I'm trying frantically to get a QED uplay music upnp streaming device to work. I have 2 xp pc's and one Win10 connected and all can see the QED but only the Win10 has a Windows Media Player that I can get to stream out. Except that it says "no device connected" even though I can see the QED and use its setup program from my pc's

In attempting to debug the problem, I looked at the connected devices on my newish Hub 3.0 and it only shows the QED and the two xp machines. It's as though the Win10 pc doesn't exist - even though that's the machine I'm using to look at the hub! I'm wondering if something crazy in Win10 is making it hide itself somehow and at the same time pretending the QED is not there.

It's driving me scatty - has anyone any ideas please?



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