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Hub 3.0 Worst GUI ever

Why was this shoddy piece of software never tested properly for the end user?

The whole interface is hyper frustrating with almost every changed option requiring a re-login ????

Often an option chosen hangs me a blank screen with an indefinite spinning icon of death, but a press of the F5 (refresh) button seems to fix that, but only sometimes as this often throws me back to the LOGIN SCREEN!!!

I would've kept my Superhub 2ac had it not decided to continually drop to offline each and every day as it was providing me with 200/20 speeds quite effortlessly for some time. Perhaps the gamer broadband option that maxes out the available domestic speeds cause issues with the SH2.

Regardless, this SH3 is an absolute joke, glitchy, buggy, sketchy and recently I just found out that it had reset ALL my SSID names and channels to factory default, all by itself, no warning, nothing. What was that? A remote update of some description? Eavesdropping patch?

With the incorrect information regarding what Wireless/Wired devices are connected, crazy time wasting DHCP reserve management and absurdly cruel login screen throw backs, I feel like its 1999 and I have just installed Windows ME.

Sort it, or abort it.