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How to clear MAC Address from SH3 Modem Mode?

After trawling many posts unsuccessfully, I thought I would try here. I am looking for a way to clear the MAC address currently stored on my SuperHub 3 in Modem Mode. I have already tried power-cycling the SH3 many many times without success. I know it still has the MAC of my old router since when I plug it in, I get WAN IP, internet service etc. My setup:

SH3 in modem Mode,

Asus RT-AC3200 running Tomato (currently using MAC of old router on the WAN port)

As above I can get Internet through my new router (Asus AC3200) if I use the old router's MAC address on the WAN port but this is not clean and I don't particularly want to do it! My old router was a TP-Link Archer C3200. I could power down the SH3 for 24hours, but I also don't really want to disrupt the household that way. Is there any other way to clear the MAC from the SH3?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: How to clear MAC Address from SH3 Modem Mode?

Were both routers setup using the same pc? As they may have copied the mac address of your network card during setup. If this is the case, a pinhole reset of your router should put it back to factory settings.


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