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How do I get money back from my payment?

So made a payment to Virgin Media of £130 for my first bill, but i discovered just now that I'm paying by direct debit, so they'll just get the money directly from the bank. This means that they won't use the money that I have already paid for my bill. What do I have to do to get the £130 back?
Thanks in advance
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Re: How do I get money back from my payment?

If you made the payment over 5 days before the bill was due, it should not have been taken, the banks require notice to prepare the multi million direct debit paid out every day, therefore Virgin give the bank 5 days notice.
As you agreed to set up of the direct debit it's not unusual for them to take payment, it will cover your next months bill if taken.
You can call in and request a refund, but it takes weeks not hours to get a refund.
If you can afford it then you may find it's much less heartache than getting a refund.

Sadly it won't be an automatic refund