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Hitron Business ; Modem Only mode ?

We have a hitron business line ( 200mb) . The software/firmware on the router is crap, the service only supports dynamic public IP and  despite me fiddling with every configuration  the router cannot forward ports .Do you need to enable modem only mode  and use a second router to open ports ? 

Or Am I missing something?

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Re: Hitron Business ; Modem Only mode ?

Yes its total pants, but it does NOT have to be in modem mode to be used as a modem.

I would recomend a RB2011iL which should be around the £50

Give the Hitron a diffrent IP range from your network, for example is you leave it standard give your network say

In the Mikrotik you just have to configure which ever port you have plugged the Hitron into, say Eth1 on the Mikrotik, then the Bridge and the reachable route. If you cannot do it yourself I would spend £100 or so on a person that can teach you. Well worth the money and you say goodbye to that odious Hitron.

Get a backup line as well, my Virgin line drops every couple of months.

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