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High Latency

Hi All,

I am not sure if anybody else is experiencing issues with their internet, however in the past couple of days the latency just to is ridiculous. My ping to just it self has gone to almost 900MS!!!

Please can somebody explain the issue for this? Do not tell me that this is because of peak hours and none peak hours, because this has not happened on all the other days when it has been peak or none peak hours.

Everyday ping will be like this, no matter what the time is. Peak or Non-PeakEveryday ping will be like this, no matter what the time is. Peak or Non-Peak

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: High Latency

Hi BrutalBlade,


Hope all is well. Thanks for posting back on the community.


Apologies that you are still having issues with the broadband connection.


Are you able to post trace routes for us to check this further please? It would be helpful if you can complete these at different times of the day, through a wired connection.


Also if you can create a Broadband Quality Monitor that would be great as it will check the performance of the connection. If you do set up the BQM make sure that you go into your router settings > Advanced Settings > Ping > and tick Respond to ICMP echo requests sent to WAN IP.


In regards to the high peak time traffic fault in your area (F004625660), our engineers are still working on this to improve bandwidth with a review date of 12th April.


Let us know how you get on


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