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Help with wifi connection

Really need help,
We've been with virgin for nearly a year and everything's been fine until now.
All of a sudden the past week or so my laptops signal has dropped down to a 1 bar and I cannot load any pages or watch no youtube vids. At first I thought it was my laptop cause for ages it's wouldn't connect to the router at all! But it connects with a 1 bar, I've never had this problem before it's just happened all of a sudden and also someone else in the house are having problems, their mobile won't connect at all to our wifi for a while now.
I've ofcourse restarted the router and device multiple times, I've 'forget this network' and re-typed my password and that.
But apart from that most devices are having no issues and having normal speeds (10 ping, 100 download, 6 download) I can't even try to do a speed test on my laptop now it just won't work on a 1 bar.
Any help and advice will be much appreciated, thanks,
Kelly Smiley Happy

Oh nearly forgot to mention, the past two nights and soon as it hits 1am my connection goes right up to normal with full bars, which is useless I wanna be sleeping haha and then the next day it goes back to a 1 bar Smiley Sad
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Re: Help with wifi connection

Hey KellyAnne,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the forum Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear about the frustrating problems you're having with your wireless connection.


This sounds like wireless interference to me, which can be improved by changing the operating wireless channel. Please take a look at this help article for instructions on how to log into your Superhub and make the changes.


Could you please let me know if this helps,

Take care.


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