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Getting DoSed, operator has no clue

Hi, so for 3 days now I have been getting DoSed by some kids from Skype (dunno which ones as they are quite a few who know how to do these things) and I've called Virgin Media for help, the operator was clueless... I told her I have a static IP, she insisted I had a dynamic IP, even tho I had this IP for months now, she told me it is changing every month... I've then told her that I've requested an IP change before, and the other operator changed it, but she insisted that there is no way they can change it... I've told her to look in the logs as she clearly didn't want to accept the fact that yeah... kids know how to boot you offline. She told me that they would have to have expensive hardware to find my IP and to boot me offline... C'mon now, an ISP employee said this to me... All those kids use is an old skype debugger and a VPS which they got from some doggy provider who lets them DoS... So now every night I get booted offline by those f**ers for hours, and Virgin is not doing anything about this....

So please, someone tell me what can I do for an IP change, other countries have dynamic IPs which change every time they receive a high number of packets...

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