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Frequent horrendous spikes, just me


Since the beginning, I would be having horrible lag spikes frequently. 3 members including me use the internet via wifi. I seem to be the only one suffering from ridiculous spikes that shoot up to well over 500ms when we play the same game, to the point where I can't connect and I go watch my flatmate play the same game. I have tried turning off all other devices and apps across all flatmates devices, does not help. What is going on? 

Please enlighten me,



5.11.2016 17.11.png


Here's upstream/downstream data: 


Upstream bonded channels Channel ID Frequency(Hz) Mode Power
(dBmV) Modulation Channel Bandwidth(Hz) Symbol Rate (ksps)

531000000ATDMA47.316 qam64000005120
624400000ATDMA47.316 qam64000005120


Downstream bonded channels Channel Frequency(Hz) Power
(dBmV) SNR
(dB) Modulation Channel ID

12990000009.640.9256 qam13
23230000009.640.9256 qam16
33150000009.640.9256 qam15
43070000009.440.3256 qam14
52910000009.540.3256 qam12
62830000009.540.9256 qam11
72750000009.540.3256 qam10
82670000009.540.3256 qam9
92590000009.340.9256 qam8
102510000009.440.3256 qam7
112430000009.140.3256 qam6
12235000000940.3256 qam5
13227000000940.3256 qam4
14219000000940.3256 qam3
15211000000940.9256 qam2
162030000008.940.3256 qam1


notice 500KB/s as max, with the nonstop fluctuating download speed.

stupid download speed.png




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Re: Frequent horrendous spikes, just me

Your downstream power levels are running a tad warm, but still wuthin VM specs. This does not seem to be causing a problem as your flatmates would be experiencing problems as well.

Have you tried playing the game on a wired connection? This would test if you have a localised interference problem caused by nearby networks or domestic appliances like A\V Streaming devices, Baby monitors, Chordless phones. Microwave ovens, Plasma TVs, Security systems, Wireless controllers\mice etc.

Using the 5Ghz band if your device supports it. If not it maybe worth trying changing the wireless channel the hub is broadcasting on.

What device are you using to play the game?

I would  check if your device's wireless adapter's drivers are up to date from the adapter's manufacturer's website. I would also try using WPA2 with AES encryption

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Frequent horrendous spikes, just me

Hi Martin,


Welcome to the Community and apologies for the connection issue experienced. Smiley Sad


I'd like to investigate this further for you but I am unable to locate your account at present.


I've sent you a private mail so that we can chat some more about this.


You can locate my message by clicking on the envelope icon near the top right corner of the Community page.


Speak soon,






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