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Frequent dropouts since end of November


I'm getting frustrated with the amount of times my internet drops out every day. This has been ongoing for weeks and calls to your centre don't seem to resolve the issue. I'd appreciate it if someone could look into this in more depth.


Modem Initialisation Stage Status
Downstream AcquisitionLocked
Primary Frequency299000000 Hz
Time Of Day12:22:08 GMT
Counters T1,T2,T3,T4,Sync,Resets000,000,003,000,000,000
Internet Connection IP Address Status
WAN IP Address82.40.159.229
Lease Time Remaining6 days 00h:03m:56s
ExpiryThu 29 Dec 12:26
Current Network TimeFri 23 Dec 12:22 GMT
Downstream Channels Lock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Rx Power RxMER Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors
Locked17299000000 Hz256 QAM-7.5 dBmV 34.8 dB438296
Locked13267000000 Hz256 QAM-6.9 dBmV 34.9 dB526290
Locked14275000000 Hz256 QAM-7.1 dBmV 34.8 dB456283
Locked15283000000 Hz256 QAM-7.5 dBmV 34.8 dB463296
Locked16291000000 Hz256 QAM-7.9 dBmV 34.9 dB10851013
Locked18307000000 Hz256 QAM-6.7 dBmV 35.2 dB342302
Locked19315000000 Hz256 QAM-5.7 dBmV 35.4 dB291284
Locked20323000000 Hz256 QAM-5.1 dBmV 35.8 dB899895


Upstream Channels Lock Status Channel ID Frequency Modulation Tx Power Mode Channel Bandwidth Symbol Rate
Locked732600000 HzATDMA37.5 dBmV16QAM6400000 Hz5120 Ksym/sec
NotLocked00 Hz 0 dBmV  0 Ksym/sec
NotLocked00 Hz 0 dBmV  0 Ksym/sec
Locked639400000 HzATDMA37.5 dBmV16QAM6400000 Hz5120 Ksym/sec


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Re: Frequent dropouts since end of November

Your downstream power levels are too low on most of the channels and the SNR is a bit marginal to say the least.

I take it you are experiencing the dropouts on a wired connection. The low power levels do not mean that you are not experiencing wireless dropouts as well. Changing the wireless channel may help with wireless dropouts, but it would be wise to get the power levels sorted first.

You will need to contact VM for resolution, either by waiting here for about a week until a VM Forum Team Member picks up the thread, or give them a call on 150 from a VM line or 0345 454 1111 for a quicker response.

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Forum Team
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Re: Frequent dropouts since end of November

Hey there garysmithies,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


I can see you've had great advice from griffin and checking your account I can see you've called to book an engineer visit.


Really pleased to see that your connection has improved, please let me know if there is absolutely anything that I can help with.


Thanks again for posting,

Take care.


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