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Flushing dns - NOT

My web hosts had to change my domain settings and I found that I could not link to my new website, but kept getting my old one. This did not happen if I accessed the site via BT wi-fi or directly via my mobile which is on O2.

The Web Hosts asked me to change to Google public dns and although that solved the problem so far as my desktop is concerned, I am still getting the old link if I use VM wi-fi after 48 hours.

I'm told this will eventually sort itself out and that VM is notorious for being slow to do this, is there any way I can hasten the process?


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Forum Team
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Re: Flushing dns - NOT

Hi stjamespark,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


Sorry to read that you are having an issues connecting to your website using new domain settings.


You mentioned that the new link works for 48 hours when using the Google DNS, does the PC lose these settings when it happens? If you put in our settings does the new link work at all or do you have to re-set them back to Google?


Do all your devices get the old link to your website? Does it happen on all browsers? 


Hope to hear from you soon


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