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Ethernet keeps dropping

Hi folks,

Recently I've been having an issue with my Ethernet connection. Every so often the connection will disconnect and reconnect within the next 5 seconds to a minute. However, the lights on the hub are completely. 

Here's the status posted below:

I've tried resetting the hub, checking the physical connection and no results. I also renewed my ipconfig in case it was that. The WiFi seems fine also. I've also lost my password for the advanced router settings as I've stupidly changed the password. Anyone any ideas?







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Forum Team
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Re: Ethernet keeps dropping

Hello southbayjack,

Thanks for joining the community, great to see new members Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about your connection problems. I've taken a look from our end and everything appears to be in order. In regards to the forgotten password, don't worry all you need to do is perform a full factory reset. To do this please hold an pin or something alike (opened paper clip works well from my experience) into the reset hole for 30 seconds. This will revert all changes to default and allow you to gain access again.

I hope this helps,

Take care.


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