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End of my tether...

Hi all,

I'm having a nightmare with wi-fi at home for the last week.

For some completely unknown reason, the wi-fi connection completely drops at some point during the day and doesn't come back on unless I do the 'run test' for faults in My Virgin Media - and I'm getting a bit sick of doing this every day, particularly as my home has a number of 'smart' devices such as Hue lights and Wemo plugs which rely on the internet to work.

For 4 of the nights this past week, the connection has dropped overnight during approximately 1am and 7am. Today, I woke up and was relieved that the internet was still working and had hoped the problem had fixed itself... however, after popping for a shower and coming back, the internet had gone again and is still gone now.

I'm so frustrated with this and unfortunately am going through a very stressful time with work, and would just really appreciate having an engineer come to check out our set-up. A number of weeks ago, I called Virgin Media as I was having issues with the signal reaching the bedroom (it's a 1 bedroom flat, so shouldn't be a challenge) - and they asked me to change the wi-fi channel over the phone, which I did.

I'm a bit bored of this idea that changing the wi-fi channel is the answer to everything. I feel like I'm paying enough money each month, to warrant an engineer coming to check why everything isn't working correctly, once and for all.

Thanks, Joe

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Re: End of my tether...

Hi Joe,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear about the connection problems you're getting at the moment.


I've taken a look at your Superhub and everything looks good with the power levels etc. I don't see a reason to warrant an engineer visit at the moment. Our engineer don't visit for wireless problems as often this is beyond our control and the problems are environmental. I know you've said you've tried to change the channel and it didn't really help, however, you might need to change the channel a few times before finding the one that's best for your environment.


Would you please try a few more channel changes and let us know if this helps.


Catch you soon,

Take care.


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