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Difference between SH1, SH2 and SH3 in modem mode?

On the face of it, when any SuperHub is in modem mode it should not effect the throughput and so I posted thinking that was so, However....

I asked to revert to 152/12 whilst keeping the SH3 in use and the problem of not being able to open more than about 500 concurrent TCP connections before pages load times hit about a minute persisted.

It was really only the 20 up part of the Vivid 200 Gamer package that I wanted but, using it in the way I do it just will not perform

So, this led to the further reversion to 152/12 with SH1. Now everything works again, albeit at the slower speed.

VM tell me that 200/20 will not run on SH1

My use is not few connections with GB size files rather x,000 connections with ~30 KB files

I am open then to ideas pertaining to why this might be

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