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Devices can't connect to Wifi router

Hi - any thoughts on this: for several weeks, wifi router is having problems being reached by new devices connecting, and some existing devices which can no longer connect: they either can't see the wifi router, or when they try to connect using the default password, time out or come back with wrong password error

Have done a number of hard resets but they haven't resolved the problem. I don't know the model of the router but is approx 3 years old. NB some existing devices working normally.

Think this is a router age / router on the blink thing, though V support think its to do with a recent local area problem and want to send engineer (which is fine, but slow with taking time off)

Anyone experienced this?

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Re: Devices can't connect to Wifi router

I started working with computers back in 1986 and I've never come across any technology as mysteriously fault prone and problematic as wifi.  It is indeed the work of the devil, even when you work through the potential causes slowly and logically. 

Obviously, despite what the support line say, if the router is rejecting passwords and losing devices, it is something about the device or immediate environment, not a network problem.  Whilst inconvenient, I'd suggest you get a field technician visit booked, and they'll probably replace your hub with a new Hub 3 anyway.  That's no paragon of wifi virtue, I'm afraid, but if your current device is slowly dying, then you might as well take it if they offer it (which is almost a 99% certainty).