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Connection problems in the evenings.

I've got a connection issue that only seems to occur in the evenings. Starting at some time between around 9pm-10pm but occasionally earlier I'll lose my connection for a period of time that can be minutes or hours but is usually 40+ minutes. When I've used the connection for long periods of time during the day I never encounter a problem but the issue is almost every night. The problem started around a month ago. Now my rather odd Neighbour 'works' nights and thinks he's an IT boffin so is it possible he or someone else is doing something that's knocking out the entire connection? Other info in no particular order:

- Reseting or Factory reseting the modem has no effect

- Issue affects both cabled and wireless devices using the connection

- Problem occurs even when different individual devices are attached to the router so I don't think its any of my kit knocking out the connection.


Given the connection can work for hours with no issue during the day it feels unlikely its a problem with the router but any thoughts would be welcome. I'm at the office right now so can't post logs but can later if anyone thinks that would help.

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Re: Connection problems in the evenings.

Hi MoreBaconpls, 

Thanks for letting us know about your issues with your connection dropping during the evening, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I have tested the connection from here and I can see that there's a number of time outs inside the Hubs logs and an engineer will need to attend in order to resolve this for you.

I will send you a PM (purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required to proceed with making the booking. Please respond to me there and I'll get this sorted for you.

Take care, 



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