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Connection issues (disconnects and packet loss)

Hello there,

I have been having a multitude of issues relating to my connection for many years now, but the latest series of issues are getting too annoying to ignore. It should be noted that the connection speed in terms of ping/upload speed/download speed is fine almost always (75 download, 5 upload). There are two main issues that I am currently suffering from:

1) Packet loss? This is getting really annoying for me, I am not sure if it is actual packet loss but I think it might be. Basically when I am playing a game, sometimes I randomly start lagging badly, not in terms of ping but packet loss. When playing a game called CSGO, I have a netgraph open that gives me some details about my connection, when this problems occurs I tend to get a loss of about 2-10% which can last from a few minutes to over an hour. If people experience it while they play, they will understand that is annoying that not only is everything delayed, but information such as sound or movement doesn't get sent to me which makes it near impossible to play properly.

On a side note, it feels like loading times are slower than it should be, maybe I am being picky. When I open a webpage, it can take around 3 seconds to load a simple page such as Google. I know that this isn't much compared to most PCs, but I have a powerful PC so loading times shouldn't be bad; the problem is another I game play via a client also loads textures very slowly (everything is white and can take well over 10 seconds to load). I can't be certain that it is my internet that is the issue, but it might be related to the slow web page load times (also there seems to be additional delay when I click to move in the game).

2) Disconnects. Although this is not currently happening, the issues seem to come in waves that can last weeks to months. Basically, my internet will be fine one moment, the next it cuts off for a period of time. When this is about to happen, my connection will lag (high ping) for a few seconds to minutes, then it will just cut out. In the bottom right corner of my screen the internet icon has a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark; when I run a diagnostic, it tells me that 'The DNS server is not responding', I have tried using different IPs (can't remember their name, something like ipv4 or ipv6?) such as Google's but it doesn't fix the problem. The connection will come back on after about 5 mins but only lasts a few seconds at most before disconnecting again, this can last hours at a time. As I've said, this is not currently happening so is not my priority, but it can come back at any time. When I do a speed time during my little period of connection, the upload and download speeds are close to 0.

To conclude, I want to know if there is a way to stop my packet loss, and less importantly the annoying delay/slow loading times when opening web pages and certain games. A possible fix to the disconnects would also be appreciated, but that is not too important at the moment.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Connection issues (disconnects and packet loss)

Hey AlexzanderRoger,

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about the troubles with your connection, I appreciate all the details you've provided.

I've taken a look from our end and run basic tests so far and nothing is standing out in error. I wonder if you're able to set up a TBB monitor so we can take a closer look into your connection.

Hope to hear back from you soon,

Take care.


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