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Connecting wi fi printer

When he set up my BB system the VM technician did not set the security on my Modem.

When I realised i contacted VM who talked me through the set up.

My network consists of a laptop, a desktop and a wireless HP Printer.(HP Laserjet color 100)

When I checked it out I found that the printer / scanner did not connect!

I have spent several hours talking with VM tecchies as well as HP (the printer people with no success!

The VM tecchie had to stop before she had sorted it as it was the end of her shift and said she would leave a note for the next shift

4 hours later no call and so I phoned them back and was put on hold for the best part of an hour. I then took the "advantage" of  a call back "within the hour"

No call came so after 4 hours I tried again - held on for an hour - no response and so I tried the call back again - nothing as yet! If I get a call at 2:30am I will not be happy.

<end of rant>

Please can anyone help me to get the scanner working - it worked well before this organised chaos!

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Re: Connecting wi fi printer

Hi FurryFred,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


Sorry to read that you are having issues with connecting your printer to the wireless network.


Does the Printer find the network? If so does it allow you to enter the password?

Do you get any error messages at all?

Have you tried a connection with an Ethernet cable to see if that works?


Let me know how you get on


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